Hermann Levin Goldschmidt Memorial Lectures

Dialog und Widerspruch
Wolfram Eilenberger, Willi Goetschel, Michael Hampe, Andreas Kilcher, John Koster, Jean-Claude Wolf.

Two Study-Houses: Authority in Goldschmidt and Jewish Tradition
Martin Kavka

Arbeitstagung: Alterität und Differenz im Denken Goldschmidts

2011 Hermann Levin Goldschmidt and the Legacy of German-Jewish Humanism
Paul Mendes-Flohr

2010 Polyphonic Voices: Goldschmidt and Bakhtin
Wolfram Eilenberger

2009 The Question of Guilt and the Turn Toward Future: Goldschmidt's "Guilt from the Standpoint of Judaism
Sam Weber

2008 Hermann Levin Goldschmidt, Hannah Arendt, and the German Jewish Invention of Multiculturalism
David Biale

2007 Philosophy, Architecture, History
Claudia Brodsky

2006 Theodor Herzl: On Zionism and Jewish Honour
Jacques Kornberg

2005 Dialogic: Difference and Alterity in Hermann Levin Goldschmidt's Thought
Willi Goetschel

2004 The Politics of Jewish Historiography: How to Construct a Usable
Michael Brenner

2003 Paul Celan's Other: History, Poetics, and Ethics
Amir Eshel

2002 Reading the Bible Again: Jewish Texts in Goldschmidt's Thought
Robert Gibbs

2001 Back to the Future: History as Memory in Hermann Levin Goldschmidt's Work
Nils Roemer

1999 Translating Goldschmidt: The German-Jewish Legacy in a Multicultural Age
David Suchoff